Dare to be Remarkable: Powerful Thoughts on Courage

O my soul, do not aspire to
immortal life, but exhaust
the limits of the possible.
We must not sit down
and wait for miracles.
Up and be going!
~John Eliot
Nothing is too difficult to
those who have the will.
(Motto of the Dutch Poets Society)
Come, the wind may never again
Blow as now it blows for us;
And the stars may never again
Shine as they now shine.
~Emily Bronte
Believe with all your heart that you
will do what you were made to do.
~O.S. Marden
To be pleased with one's limits
is a wretched state.
Begin to free yourself at once by
doing all that is possible with the
means you have and as you proceed
in this spirit, the way will open.
~Robert Collier
Follow your bliss and don't be afraid,
and doors will open where you didn't
know they were going to be.
~Joseph Campbell
To accomplish our destiny... we
must cover before nightfall the
distance assigned to each of us.
~Alexis Carrel
Formulate and stamp indelibly on your
mind a mental picture of yourself as
succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously,
never permit it to fade—your mind will
seek to develop the picture.
~Norman Vincent Peale
At any moment the decision
you make can change the
course of your life forever.
~Anthony Robbins
He who has a why to live
can bear almost any how.
You will become as small as
your controlling desire, as great
as your dominant aspiration.
~James Allen
Be definite about who you are and what
you want to achieve. Clarity is power.
Remember, the only limits as to what you
can achieve are those you place upon yourself.
~Brian Tracy
A strong passion for any object will
ensure success, for the desire of
the end will point out the means.
~William Hazlitt
The power to be what you want
to be, to get what you desire:
whatever you are striving for,
abides within you.
~Robert Collier
What counts is not the enormity of
the task, but the size of the courage.
~Matthew Ricard
Dream big and dare to fail.
~Norman Vaughn
As you start to walk out
on the way, the way appears.
The potential for greatness
lives within each of us.
~Wilma Rudolph
The secret to living the life of your
dreams is to start living the life of
your dreams today, in every little
way you possibly can.
~Mike Dooley
The depth of darkness to which you can
descend and still live is an exact measure
of the height you can aspire to reach.
~Laurens Vander Post
Only those who will risk going
too far can possibly find out
how far one can go.
~T.S. Eliot
That which you vividly imagine,
sincerely believe, ardently desire,
and enthusiastically act upon will
inevitably come to pass.
~William R. Lucas

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